Unified Customer Profiles

We specialize in syncing disparate data sources, de-duping and giving you a clean customer database of record.

Advanced Segmentation

Our flexible segmentation platform generates customer insights and powers targeted campaigns.

Data-Driven Insights

With our data science modules, Lumiary creates customer personas, identifies product correlations, and more.

Automation & Workflow

Run segments on schedules or by event triggers to improve ROI on email, advertising, and direct mail.

Why Retailers Need A Next Gen CRM

Harvard Business Review estimates personalized marketing delivers 5-8x the ROI on spend, but says brands are still “clumsy” in their efforts by missing the “context and tone that makes for real engagement.”

The vast majority of retailers do not manage their customer data effectively to drive this personalized marketing at scale, but customers expect it.  A 2015 Accenture survey found that shoppers, especially millenials, expect brands to know their history, their preferences, and where they are in their journey.

Our proprietary platform eliminates data silos to take retailers from seeing snapshots of their customers to the full picture.  We then add customized data science, segmentation and automation to bring this new rich source of insight into your marketing workflow by connecting with your existing execution tools.

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CRM plans start at $199 per month with many custom segmentation, data science, analytics and marketing automation options.

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